“I work here, very consciously, because of the opportunities that are available.”

Interview with Sjoerd.

What are you doing here and what brings you here?

After working the last four years at the Service & Support department, I started this year as a Project Consultant. That suits me well! At the moment I’m testing the new Access Controller. The international release is coming up soon and this process has many crucial moments.

“I like to play my part, together with other experts, in the development of this product. It’s concrete and technical.”

I came here because of a collaboration between two companies and what I’m doing here, together with my colleagues, is creating well-functioning end products which started by just an idea.

Why are you staying here?

Because I have lots of freedom in my job. For example, it’s not a problem to work from home occasionally. This is the freedom and independence which I need in order to function properly.

What characterises the organisation?

It’s an dynamic organisation with a lot of people that are working here for quite a long time. Employments over 25 years are no exception. I believe this means that the work environment is good. I didn’t think that I could make so many steps in such a short time.

“I work here because of the development possibilities. There’s lots of room to grow in each department.”

Furthermore, it’s a very innovative organisation. Many developments take place. This creates a great ambiance with special people.

Special people, you say?

[laughs] Yes indeed. Everyone is different in a positive way. Everyone has their own quirks. In fact, each department has its own peculiarities. This is very funny to notice. You need differences to come up with new ideas and develop new concepts.

“The differences ensure that we can ultimately launch great products and I’m very happy to contribute to that.”