“I have been working here for almost half my life!”

Interview with Matthijs.

Can you tell us what your job function is?

I am a Support Engineer. That is the simple description of a very extensive range of tasks. I am responsible for internal and external sales: I assist people remote (by mail or phone) and on location. My most important goal is to keep our customers satisfied to solve malfunctions, commissioning installations and, when necessary, assist other departments. But when you work as long as I am at a company, you will soon be interfering with everything [laughs]. Speaking of which, I notice that they listen to good ideas and these are almost always adopted regardless of the role you have within the company. So better meddled than ignored.

How long have you been working here?

Almost half of my life! In my case that’s 17 years. Through all kinds of functions I have progressed to my current role.

Why so long?

Because within this company everyone has a lot of freedom and I feel good about that. Freedom is necessary for creative solutions and innovations. You need this to keep customers satisfied and to develop products. Besides, I like my colleagues.

“I know what I have in them and they know what they have in me. That is why we can work together effectively.”

What characterizes you colleagues?

That they do not often mince words. They are very open and they do not hold anything back. Besides, we often joke around. We work hard to achieve our goals. It can be busy too. Then it is important to set priorities. You can better say no than yes if you can’t make it happen.

“TKH Security is a dynamic company; always in motion. I believe that because of this I am right where I suppose to be. Never a dull moment.”