“The opportunity to contribute to building a dynamic organisation.”

Interview with Diana.

What brings you to TKH Security?

A whole new challenge to set up everything for HR. Some things were already done, but with all the collaborations lately this needs more support. There is a lot going on and there isn’t a HR team yet, so I’m working on the strategic as well as the operational part of the business. I learn a lot from that.

“In short, what brings me here is the opportunity to contribute to building a dynamic organisation.”  

Why do you think other people would want to work here?

De atmosphere is good and people are nice to each other. You can laugh together.

“Besides, everyone is working very hard, so if you like a vibrant organisation, than you will fit right in.” 

And also important, the coffee is good. That may sound a bit cliche, but it certainly makes me happy.  

What do other people need to know about TKH Security?

That it is so terribly versatile. We’re in a phase that we’re still writing company policies; nothing is concrete yet.

“In our office many people think along with the growth of our organisation; colleagues with a vision. That’s very nice to experience.”

It’s not an average company. There’s no hierarchy; lines are short. For example, you can easily walk into the office of our Director for a chat or cup of coffee.

Which characteristics are worth gold in this organisation?

Flexibility, focus and drive. Despite of the experience TKH Security has, it is at the beginning of expansion. That means that there’s a lot going on. At that moment being flexible is a nice characteristic. We grow because we are flexible. You need to deal with this. At the same time it’s nice when someone knows exactly what he or she is working on and don’t let anything distract this process. That’s an interesting playing field. But precisely by concentrating on realising the higher goal, the bigger picture, you automatically go into the right direction. Then it’s only a matter of keep on building and taking further steps. That drive and effort is appreciated immensely.  

“In short, if you’re good in what you are doing and you’re not letting changes scare you and you want to contribute to the growth of a high-tech organisation: Call me!”